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Interesting job functions in Cyber Security

Cyber Security is at the forefront offering an expanse of opportunities. In today’s world of Internet and networks, cyber security holds a prominent position; forming the backbone for any sector or industry to succeed. An increase in cyber surface area has also increased the attack surface area elucidating the need for skilled professionals. However, this Read more »

5 Reasons why Cyber Security jobs are here to stay!

Cyber Security jobs are here to stay, at least until as long as we try and develop flawless designs and programs which will have zero vulnerability. In this section, let’s talk about why we need cyber security professionals in every walk of life and ponder over the reasons as to why cyber security jobs will Read more »

Cyber Security Job and the Work Environment

Depending on the size of the organisation, cyber security work environment differs strategically and categorically. Traditionally, Information Security and Cyber Security are under the Information Technology umbrella. However, the job role of a cyber security professional differs to a large extent from an Information Technology professional. A cyber security job includes but is not limited Read more »

Perfect time to jump start your career in Cyber Security

So, what is cyber security and why did the world suddenly wake up to the needs of cyber security. Let’s start it this way, cyber security is securing your assets from potential cyber criminals who will be lurking on the cyber space. Delving a bit deeper, Information Technology has taken the world by storm, creating Read more »