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15 things to be safe against #ransomware:

May 12th 2017 saw the biggest ever cyber attack in Internet history . A ransomware named WannaCry stormed through the web. In the first few hours, 200,000 machines were infected. Big organizations such as Renault or the NHS were struck and crippled by the attack. MY mother received the ransom note on the Tuesday before Read more »

Ethical Hacking: Myth v/s Reality

The concept of ethical hacking is more mature in the developed countries like USA and UK, however, in India, hacking is still largely seen in a negative shade. However, with the rising awareness and the rise in bug bounty programs, ethical hacking is gaining momentum in the country. In the wake of large scale data Read more »

Why India Needs More Ethical Hackers

Anand Prakash, a product security engineer at FlipKart, recently won a whopping USD 15000 for reporting major security flaws in Facebook, Twitter and many other companies. Not just Anand, many qualified technocrats are entering into ethical hacking space with an aim to make it as a full-time profession. Today, there is a huge demand for Read more »

Hacking for a living, Legally

If you think hacking could only put someone in jail then you may have misjudged the potentials of a hacker. If you know the right doors to knock, not only it can be legal but can also make you quite rich. Let’s explore the whole new world of legal and paid hacking. Hackers: Why do Read more »

Get your Resume ready with “Certified Ethical Hacker”

Hacking: it’s not always a bad thing, especially if you’re walking on the right side of the line. You can start a rewarding career in ethical hacking and become a well-compensated first line of defense after running through the Certified Ethical Hacker Training Program. As technology becomes more advanced, so do hacking methodologies. This 35-hour Read more »

Ethical Hacking – A Unique Career Path

Companies, now more than ever, are seeking qualified cybersecurity professionals to keep pace with the growing number of cyberattacks. Today, corporations and organizations across all sectors face millions of attacks each day, which cost more than $1 billion in losses annually. While the biggest names often dominate the headlines, trends have shown that small businesses Read more »