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‘The weakest part of security is us’

The hacking of US actress Jennifer Lawrence’s Apple iCloud, was done through the actresses’ password for iCloud being her dog’s name, and the fact that Ms Lawrence had posted a picture of her dog on Instagram – the hacker went from there and leaked photos on the internet.  In addition, bad systems design and/or insecure Read more »

The black white and grey of hacking

Hackers fall into two main camps, working on opposite sides of the law: white hats and black hats. More formally, white hats are known as ethical hackers or penetration testers. They are employed to deliberately do what black hat hackers do, except that they do it with the full knowledge of the company in order Read more »

Become a Certified Ethical Hacker with Us

Surely you’ve heard of unethical hackers that infiltrate all sorts of databases, right? Well, it’s a sad reality that, in our world, unethical hacking is all too common. Equifax is one of the latest data breaches in the US, with a number of credit customers having their information obtained and (likely) illegally sold on the Read more »