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I want to be an ethical hacker … what will my salary be?

Job: Ethical hacker The role: While hackers seek to exploit holes in cybersecurity systems for malicious purposes, ethical hackers are employed by the creators of those systems to help identify vulnerabilities before they can be breached. Most of the major technology vendors have similar bounty programs that offer cash rewards to those who report vulnerabilities Read more »

Skills of a White-Hat Hacker

From identity theft to financial disruption, black hat hackers seem to be constantly wreaking havoc, regardless of who is affected. To combat these malicious attackers, we have white-hat hackers who, using the same skills as a hostile hacker, find vulnerabilities in a system, so that those vulnerabilities can be patched. These white hat hackers are Read more »

Ethical Hacking Awareness

How important is education? Education is critical and security awareness is key for business but the media industry needs to realise they are a high-profile target for hackers. The ransom heist and subsequent leak of Orange Is The New Black from Netflix last year is a good example of a hacker exploiting the terms of Read more »

Ethical Hacking Interview with Tony Gee Security Consultant

Tony Gee is a Security Consultant at Pen Test Partners which specialises in high-end penetration testing. Gee knows all the ins and outs of hacking into smart technology devices and IoT networks to identify real vulnerabilities. He says: “Ethical hacking is less cloak and daggers and more legal vulnerability testing for our clients.” “For broadcasters, Read more »