5 Reasons why Cyber Security jobs are here to stay!

Cyber Security jobs are here to stay, at least until as long as we try and develop flawless designs and programs which will have zero vulnerability. In this section, let’s talk about why we need cyber security professionals in every walk of life and ponder over the reasons as to why cyber security jobs will remain hot for the next few years. Let’s discuss the latest developments in the major sectors across the world and their impact on security. As all of us know, Artificial Intelligence is one of the major breakthroughs of our decade with almost all of the major sectors using AI to increase productivity and thereby profits.

Automotive sector:

Artificial intelligence has been used extensively in developing “Olli” the latest self-drive bus powered by IBM’s Watson. According to John B. Rogers, CEO, Local Motors, Olli offers a lot of features including smart, safe and sustainable transportation solution. However, imagine a hypothetical situation where the preprogrammed self-driven Olli’s program is corrupted. How do we ensure the safety of the passengers inside? It is here that a cyber security professional comes to our aide. Aided with the right kind of skill set, it is the cyber security professional who will avert the danger to the passengers.
Banking & Financial Sector:

The Banking sector is one of the major sectors using Artificial Intelligence extensively. Nina web assistant of Swedbank, Sweden, Luvo of RBS are some of the examples. These systems can be used for offering personalized financial services to customers, for making data driven management decisions, for reducing fraud by assessing data patterns to mention a few. However, in case AI fails or attacked, or data tampered with could bring devastating results to the concerned organisations. Here again, the cyber security professional comes into picture. Continuous monitoring of the program and immediate counter measure tactics in case of a compromise will ensure that the AI systems are used for the relevant purpose.

Information Technology:

Information Technology (IT) has simplified our lives. Object Oriented Programming, DevOps models, continual delivery practices, service oriented architecture, cloud computing and the like are all AI systems not recognized as AI systems due to their consumerization. However, in the past couple of years, the world has already witnessed the devastating consequences of a corrupt program in the system, a malware attack, a DDoS and etc. According to Gartner, by 2018 20% of the smart buildings will suffer from digital vandalism. It is to mitigate these risks and protect data from falling into evil hands that cyber security professionals are hired at every stage. From a secure coder who mitigates the amount of vulnerabilities in the code to the network administrator who ensures the safety of the network, all of them play a vital role in mitigating cyber-crime to the best possible extent.
Medicine and Health Care:

Technology and Artificial Intelligence has made great strides in the healthcare and medical field. Some of the systems such as Da Vinci Si HD Surgical System, Cyber Knife Radiosurgery systems, HAL 5 (Hybrid Assistive Limb), therapeutic robots have all brought about a drastic reduction in the mortality rate of the patients, reduced medical costs, pain and trauma. Taking into consideration these facts, maintaining these machines is equally important for them to assist doctors. Maintenance of these sophisticated machines and correcting them in case of any program corruptions is the responsibility of a cyber security professional.

Today, AI is used in every aspect of manufacturing from Planning to Design to Production. It is imperative that manufacturing is the only sector with maximum dependence on AI. Many of the issues such as human resource shortage, accidents, decision complexities and etc. are all resolved by the use of Artificial Intelligence. Last year, Volkswagen, Germany was all in news as one of the stationery robot killed one of the workers in the production plants. These kinds of incidents can be averted by proper maintenance by a cyber security professional.

All these and more are the reasons why cyber security jobs are hot in the market and there is an increasing need for cyber security professionals across the world.

Source: Google