Boost Your Salary with the Ethical Hacker Professional Certification

Companies pay professional hackers extremely well to identify flaws in their networks. The Ethical Hacker Professional Certification offers students the tools necessary to succeed in this line of work. Use this training to earn more computer security certifications that will look great on any resume—and place you above the competition.

In India, the demand for cyber security professionals and experts is on continuous rise and companies are willing to offer them as much Rs 80 lakh per annum as remuneration, a study said. A CISO report states that cyber security industry will witness blitzkrieg growth matrix in India.  As a number of transactions and interactions are increasing on the Internet, concerns for security will also increase and propel the growth of the Indian cyber security industry.

The recent Cyber Security Strategy paper from PWC suggests that 90 per cent of large organisations had a security breach in the past year, with 69 per cent of large organisations and 38 per cent of small organisations being attacked by an unauthorised outsider. Hence, companies are on the hunt for Ethical Hackers to fortify their networks and block incoming hacking cyber-attacks by systematically exploring the network for technological flaws.

A growing demand

This is why there is a growing demand for Ethical Hackers – computer and networking experts who systematically probe networks, applications and other computer systems on behalf of employers for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit. The ultimate goal is to prevent data theft and fraud.


Source: Google