Eligibility for Ethical Hacking Course

Educational Background

Those who have an educational background in computer science or IT or computer engineering can enter the field of ethical hacking.

Programming Knowledge is not necessary to learn this course.

The understanding of widely used operating systems like the various versions of Windows, Linux and Firefox etc. is also an important part of your knowledge base. Some of the known certifications in Ethical Hacking are CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CHFI ( Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) offered by EC Council.

Ethical hacking course trains a student to find loopholes in a network or a programme, using similar methods as that of hacking. The intense certifications mentioned above provides critical network security fundamentals for all network administrators. Skills covered include the design and implementation of firewalls, IDS, wireless security, Cryptography, Linux security, Windows security among others.

Personal attributes

To become an ethical hacker, being computer savvy and gadget friendly are important pre-requisites. To be a professional ethical hacker you also require motivation, dedication, analytical thinking, initiative, problem solving ability, investigative nature and formal training in ethical hacking. Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are also highly essential in this field. Ethical hackers must have adaptability and resourcefulness to troubleshoot any unforeseeable snags during testing software and systems. They must also have good computer hardware and software knowledge. There should be a keen interest in the Internet and basic knowledge of networking and programming. Above all he must be a certified ethical hacker. Continuous training & updation, as well as knowledge in various technologies is a must for a ethical hacker.



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  1. tamilarasan

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    dear sir,

    I am with a background of mechanical carrier. if possible to learn hacking. i have more interest in hacking.


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