To fight E-Crime, Indian Govt to hire Experts from IITs, Pvt Institutes

The government has decided to hire IT experts from premier public and private institutes, including IITs, to help fight new age crimes like online fraud, hacking, identity theft, dark net, trafficking, child pornography, online radicalisation and cyber-terrorism.

The IT security experts, ethical hackers, web analysts and computer programmers will devise ways of online cyber-crime reporting and monitoring; setting up of cyber-forensic units; coordination and guidance for states; capacity building of police; research and development; best practices; and awareness creation.

With everyone’s bank account information, family photos, private documents and data available online, it’s like giving someone access to a key to your front door. A large number of online criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and anonymity of the internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders. Since there is a thrust on digitisation in every aspect of governance and increased use of smart phones and social media, to stay ahead before the problem becomes overpowering.

Over 460 million people in India currently use the internet, leaving them vulnerable to online criminals – both individuals and organised syndicates.

Asia is the region most targeted by cyber-attackers, resulting in significant economic losses.