Kickstart your career in Hacking

It was speculated 2016 would see even more cybersecurity activity than 2015, and it did not disappoint. Consider the $81 million stolen from Bangladesh Bank, the 500 million accounts swiped from Yahoo, or the 19,000 emails leaked from Democratic Party officials in the run-up to the election. Not to mention the IoT-powered botnets launching record-breaking DDoS attacks that have brought down major parts of the Internet.

Cyber attacks have made big headlines, from the much-publicized hacking of the Democratic National Committee in July, to the major DDoS attack of September (which affected the likes of Twitter and Spotify). However, not all hackers are bad—the demand for ethical hackers who can protect against cyber attacks continues to rise.

Employers might be itching to bring on ethical hackers, but they won’t give you the time of day if you’re not sporting the right certification. Fortunately, the Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp is here to get your cybersecurity career.

Regardless of your experience level, the Certified Ethical Hacker Bootcamp is designed to get even the greenest programmer up to speed on today’s ethical hacking threats. From Trojans to DDoS attacks, this training will show you how to neutralize security risks and master the concepts that are sure to pop up on the CEH certification exam.

If you’re interested in joining their ranks, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Bootcamp is the best place to start, featuring 45 hours of hands-on instruction to help you ace the CEH certification exam.