Perfect time to jump start your career in Cyber Security

So, what is cyber security and why did the world suddenly wake up to the needs of cyber security. Let’s start it this way, cyber security is securing your assets from potential cyber criminals who will be lurking on the cyber space. Delving a bit deeper, Information Technology has taken the world by storm, creating new opportunities, improvising the business processes, and creating a special set of professionals to do these jobs.

In about a decade, Information Technology integrated with human life to the extent that an altogether new space called “cyber space” has been created. This new space has brought with it ample opportunities, connecting the world into one place, speeding up businesses, improving economies, creating employment and a lot more. However, on the other side of the coin the workforce is not amply trained as per the increasing sophistication of technology, an increasing skill gap, and an advanced level of crime – cybercrime.

The recent years saw the industry majors suffer huge setbacks due to cybercrime with financial losses and reputational stakes. Worldwide financial losses amount to around USD 400 billion* due to cybercrime alone. This whopping figure of financial loss has woken up Management Boards and governments around the world with a start. With growing increase in the incidence of cybercrime businesses and governments have understood the requirement for cyber security professionals across industry verticals. This created an unprecedented increase in the demand for cyber security professionals.

In the current scenario, cyber security professionals are the most sought after with the demand requirement from all sectors of the industry. According to Michael Brown, CEO, Symantec globally the demand for cyber security professionals is going to be around 6 million with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million work force by 2019.

The analysis by Bureau of Labor Statistics further adds to this, in the United States alone, there are about 209,000 unfilled cyber security jobs and the job postings are up by 74% over the past five years. According to Cybrary’s Cyber Security Job Trends Survey 2016, some of the major reasons for not being able to fill the cyber security jobs were lack of qualified work force to suit the jobs, lack of resources to find and attract talent, and location issues. With the threat landscape constantly evolving, companies are always on the lookout to identify and retain the right talent.

However, with the governments pulling up the sleeve to reduce the skill gap, exclusive cyber security courses are being offered by Universities and educational institutes. For students who want to pursue a career in cyber security, EC-Council University offers exclusive Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes on Cyber Security. For professionals who are looking to switch career to cyber security, they can pursue certification courses like CEH, CHFI, CCISO and etc. which are in great demand in the market.