Ethical Hacking & Scope

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking is a computer skill that can be used for good or evil.

Ethical Hacking is the approach of finding out the security loopholes.The only difference in this method is that it is done with the permission of the concerned authorities.

Ethical Hacking and its scope.

A certified ethical hacking or cyber security course is the basic requirement to become an ethical hacker.

Hacking is not a process which can be executed with a snap of the finger. It’s important to be patient, especially for beginners. In some cases, you may have to monitor the system for days or weeks to get a single opportunity to crack it.

Ethical hackers use the same tools as hackers do, but they are not a threat to the system. Some people do it as a hobby, while some pursue it as their career.
It is all about getting into a hacker’s mind to protect your system from being hacked into.

Ethical hacking can only be done by government permitted organizations such as RAW, CBI, FBI etc, for the cyber security of a nation as per the cyber Laws.

From the career point of view cyber security is a very emerging and growing sector of IT industry.

Today hacking cases, frauds and crime are common enough. To deal with all these things these, there are investigating agencies that have got a team of experts to handle all such issues in an ethical and formal way.

The companies that rely on computer networks for smooth functioning should perform regular vulnerability assessment via ethical hacking as hackers are always trying to find new ways to breach the system’s security and steal information.

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