Barkha Dutt, Rahul Gandhi, Ravish Kumar; these are just some of the names out of the 2,50,000 Twitter accounts that have been hacked since February to date. Looks like someone has taken a fancy to breaking into accounts and stealing private information!

The recent hacking of celebrity Twitter accounts has rung some alarm bells. So, here is how you can hack-proof your personal account & keep tweeting.

While we sit here, Tweeting and Facebooking, zipping personal information into files, we don’t know which code can crack it. The best you can do is select the most nerve-racking password for your email as well as other accounts. Ok Jaanu, Sara, MaheshDon 123….you can of course do better than this!

In addition, cyber experts and ethical hackers tell us some basic rules to keep your Twitter account secure.

Mind the spam

Spam mails are one route taken by hackers to break into your account. “So, block the account from which the spam mail comes from after you have recognised that it’s a spam,” shares Rajnish Dev, a software engineer, and a part-time online celebrity promotion expert.

Avoid third parties

There are hundreds of free apps floating around, from games, beauty apps and more. All these applications that are developed apart from or twitters official mobile app are called third party applications, something that you need to be careful with. “The idea is don’t tap in or select every third party app,” Mantinder Sekhon, a gizmo expert writing for various technology-based blogs, suggests. “Some applications are not legitimate, so this puts all your images stored in service like Instagram at the risk of being hacked,” he adds.

Location wise

Yes, sharing your location on your Twitter account can ‘also’ merrily lead hackers to your account. According to Manoj Sood, 24, who handles online work for many NGOs, “There is a turning off your location facility (if we call it). Also, delete all past references. Lastly, disable the sharing option also.”

Give me wi-fi

It is relatively safe to use your work-place or home wi-fi. Private wi-fi’s can also be hacked, if supported with a weak password. “As a self- created rule, I do not log into any personal accounts when I am at the airport or in the free wi-fi zone,” shares television celebrity Akriti Khanna from Ludhiana.

Password important

Move beyond ‘Ok Jaanu’ as your password; tech experts always advocate creating a password that is a mix of alphabets and numbers. “Refrain from using your name, date of birth, or any personal information in creating your password,” suggests Divyani Gaur, operations head, Teck Know. “Passwords like Going-for-gooly or something like this is far secure.”